Procedures to Clear SecurBox listed on Parcel List

  • Deliver cargo to Miami Terminal and fill out Securbox Declaration Form. Please make sure name, telephone contacts (work, house and cell), address and Island goods are to be shipped to (Nassau and Abaco only) are on all documents.
  • Collect Documents and pay the freight charges at our Nassau Office.
  • Proceed to Bahamas Customs at Arawak Cay Break Bulk Terminal
  • Complete Customs Unaccompanied Baggage Declaration Form
  • Attach receipts to Declaration Form.
  • Provide Betty K Agent at Arawak Cay Terminal with paperwork. Agent will locate Securbox.
  • Once Securbox is located present Customs at Arawak Cay Break Bulk Terminal with forms and receipts.
  • Once duties are paid, goods are ready to be released.