Procedure to Export Goods from the Bahamas

Betty K. Line

Reach out to one of our customer service team members.

Our designated turn-a-round for commercial exports is now five (5) business days and personal exports, seven (7) business days after the cargo has been received with proper documentation.  We also require the submission of your ISF number (Importer Security Filing) three (3) business days prior to assigned voyage departure for commercial export and four (4) business days for personal exports.

Export cargo will not be manifested with-in Bahamas Customs Click2Clear until we are in receipt of the ISF number to avoid fines imposed by US Customs/ Custom Boarder Protection and Bahamas Customs.

A copy of The Bahamas Customs Export Entry paid invoices should be submitted 24 hours prior to assigned voyage departure.

Requisites for Exportation Types


  • A copy of Arawak Port Development (A. P. D) Gate Entry Form
  • Invoices
  • Accurate Shipper/ Consignee Information


  • Detailed Packing List
  • Accurate Shipper/ Consignee Information


  • Certificate of Title signed and dated by owner/buyer
  • Copy of a valid Government issued ID
  • Accurate Shipper/Consignee Information