• Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Heavy Equipment/Self-Propelled vehicles
  • Terrain Vehicles

    ATV’s, Go Carts, Vehicle with 50 cc engine or more

Vehicle shipping is one of our main services here at Betty K. We ship from Florida to The Bahamas three times per week!

We understand the importance of due diligence and efficiency when handling your vehicle.

Betty K. Line

Reach out to one of our customer service team members.

Documents Needed for U.S. Customs Clearance

  • Original Title
  • Copy of Bill of Sale
  • Export Power of Attorney
  • Picture Identification (Copy of passport picture and first page)
  • Business License (If the vehicle is owned by a business, a business license is required for export with a letter authorizing consignee to clear on behalf of the company.)

To clear Heavy Equipment

In addition to documents needed to clear a vehicle, all heavy equipment must have an original bill of sale signed by both the purchaser and the seller for export clearance. The original bill of sale must be notarized & include year make and model of equipment. New equipment would need certificate or title.

Please note that any missing document required by U.S. Customs will delay the export of your vehicle. Please note that we prepare your export documents for US Customs clearance.

If you do not wish insurance to be included in your shipping costs- please sign our Insurance Waiver Form. *

*Email, fax or deliver your insurance waiver form to Betty K’s office prior to its export. Please note that waivers are not encouraged as it releases Betty K of any damages incurred during export.