Discover the most affordable, safest method of shipping with our SecurBox®

SecurBox® gives you the ease of “Shop and Load” and safety on fragile items while offering a convenient Miami drop off location minutes from the Miami International Airport! You Load and Leave, We Ship It! The simplest way to ship to eliminate pilferage, damage and breakage for the best cost!

Betty K. Line

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Weekly Freight Service & Price

Our SecurBox® freight service arrives every  Wednesday and Friday into Nassau.

Box Code Size Price
A73 cu.ft.$295.00
$14.75 (5% Fuel Surcharge)
B42 cu.ft.$195.00
$9.75 (5% Fuel Surcharge)
D78 cu.ft.$315.00
$15.75 (5% Fuel Surcharge)

Please note that the above referenced rates doesn’t include insurance coverage.